Cortisol Is A Catabolic Hormone That Causes To Start Seeing Progress, You Need To Be Familiar With Why This Occurs.

Iranian weightlifter Saleh Cheraghi has featured commendable performances at the 2017 Asian Weightlifting Championships in Turkmenistan, pocketing two medals in the continental sporting event. On Thursday, Cheraghi pocketed the medals in the 85-kilogram weight category at the multi-purpose Saparmurat Turkmenbashi Olympic Stadium in the Turkmen capital city of Ashgabat. The Iranian weightlifter raised 162 kilograms overhead to claim the snatch gold medal. Chinese sportsman Zhao Yongchao took the silver with a lift of 160 kilogram. Yu Dong-ju from South Korea elevated 156 kilograms to get the bronze. Japan’s Toshiki Yamamoto topped the clean and jerk podium with 199 kilograms. Chinese athlete Zhao finished second and won the silver with 196 kilograms. Yu scooped up the bronze with a lift of 194 kilograms. Zhao finished the competition tied on an aggregate of 356 kilograms. Iranian and Japanese competitor Cheraghi and Yamamoto landed in the second and third overall slots with 352 and 351 kilograms respectively. “The competitions were held at a truly professional level.

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